6 Things I Love & Am Proud Of

6 Things I Love & Am Proud Of

Today’s post is a “spread the love” type of post.

There are amazing individuals and resources in my life that inspire me to keep my vibrations raised and shooting for the stars.

And I want you to know them too…

1. Penney Pierce

Finding Penny Pierce was a God- send.

I started reading her books, “Frequency” and “Leap of Perception” late last year, and they gently carried me through a difficult patch of “energy upgrading.”

Actually, reading her books was an odd experience because it felt like I’d written them! (I’ve never had the experience of reading something that sounded so much like me).

But her clarity, wisdom and knowledge is far beyond anything I’ve experienced before, and I’m constantly telling people about her.

I’m a proud fan of Penny Pierce’s psychic amazing-ness.

2. Rachel MacDonald


Almost every time I click on Rachel’s blog, I get blog envy.

Luckily for her and myself – she is my blogging coach – this only lasts a moment but her blog is so informative, inspiring and gorgeously crafted and written, I’m always amazed.

I’m a bit “anti” online world, and am notorious for unsubscribing to mailing lists and not being in the loop  – I just got a iPhone and it’s made big news! – but whatever Rachel is doing, I’m all over it.

I’m a proud fan of Rachel, her beauty and blogging savvy-iness.

3. Susan Powers & Tara Bliss


These two lovely ladies are my favourite go to raw foodies.

I’ve always known the power of the plant, and I try to eat as much of it as I can. But I’m also a self confessed chocoholic and dessert lover, so when I discovered raw food desserts, it was a miracle of God!

Unfortunately though, when I began to immerse myself in the world of raw deserts, I found they all tasted the same: like cashews, dates and agave sirup.

I loved the idea of healthy chocolate binges, but it needed to taste good too! I wanted raw gourmet desserts.

Then I found Susan and Tara.

I’ve been subscribing to Susan’s blog for 2 years, and I open and save every single free recipe she sends out.  And Tara just released a new book that I’m eager to get my chocolate loving hands onto.

I’m a proud fan of Susan and Tara because both ladies make raw delectably delicious!

4. Jess Ainscough


I’m a big fan of this amazing woman for so many reasons.

She survived cancer. She is truthful. She is strong. She always bravely forges and follows her own path, and is always ready to grow and evolve.

She recently gifted me with a copy of her new Hay House book and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I’m honoured to be her spiritual mentor, and I loved and cherished the time I had with her late mother, Sharyn.

Everything about Jessica is warrior like and true, and all the adoring fans from all over the world are a testament to this.

I’m a proud (huge) fan of Jess and her message.

5. Chemical free nail polish


I’ve been buying organic for many years now. Before it was fashionable and accessible. (What I used to pay for a box of organic veggies, was almost a downpayment on a car!)

Back then, I dreamed of a time when everything would be organic, and one of my greatest wishes was organic nail polish.

Last week my wish was fulfilled.

A lovely student of my online school sent me organic nail polish in all the chakra colours!

I’m a proud fan of everything organic and chemical free.

6. School of the Modern Mystic


My greatest passion in life is my online school, The School of the Modern Mystic.

(It is like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts – without the toads, broomsticks and Death Eaters – with a modern edge. After all, we love technology, hip-hop – without the ‘bitches and hoes’ references’- and sky-high heels).

In this online space, modern mystics from all over the globe come together to develop their witchy abilities and live the life of their greatest potential.

The School of the Modern Mystic is dedicated to people with soul; people who are truly willing to discover their soul purpose and boldly and brazenly pursue it with every cell in their being.

Today is the first day of the early bird sale, and I’m offering a $85 discount on the course fee.

I’m also sharing with you, for free, School of the Modern Mystic online training videos and learning resources, so that you can learn all about our school.


I’m extremely proud of my school and love helping modern mystics heal themselves and others, become psychic and discover their life’s purpose!

I hope you enjoyed what I love and am proud of.

in White Light + Love,


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