Have You Reached an Upper-Limit & Is it Sabotaging You?

Have You Reached an Upper-Limit & Is it Sabotaging You?

Guest Post by Kat Tepelyan

Take a moment to imagine these scenarios:

You get a pay raise – surprise! – and as soon as you get home, you have a huge fight with your partner.

You have the opportunity to go on an all-expense paid trip but suddenly you fall and hurt yourself and need to go to hospital.

You’re having a wonderful day and find yourself thinking about someone you love, and suddenly your mind begins to think about the debts you have, which smears your pleasant mind-state in an instant.

Most of us think these things just happen to us but consider that it may be self-sabotage instead.

The Big Leap, a wonderful book I recently discovered, tells us that it’s usually us causing those circumstances. Gay Hendricks, the author and an experienced therapist who’s worked with hundreds of clients, lays out the common reasons for this: he surmises that we do this when we hit our upper-limits, an often subconscious limitation we’ve set for ourselves so that we don’t get hurt.

Let me explain through my own recent experiences…

Within the last year, I moved to Hawaii from New York, fell in love, got pregnant and moved into an absolutely gorgeous home with my partner. My chakra meditations had, up to that point, been consistent and joyful. I’d worked through so many energetic blocks over the years of working with Belinda that my life was really now working in my favor. I was happy.

So what happened as soon as we unpacked in the new house?

A series of frustrating, exhausting and stressful situations, seemingly from outside myself, began to sabotage this joy. I began picking fights with my partner – for “legitimate reasons”, having less patience with everything, stressing about money, my business, our future and missing family. I even had people outside the relationship creating problems and picking fights with me.

I then began reading The Big Leap and had a moment of clarity: I have never experienced all this joy at one time, ever!

Something was always missing from my life; I always wanted something I didn’t have.

Something was always difficult, hard to get or far away, and now that I seemed to have almost everything I wanted, I was beginning to actively sabotage it all because:

1. My mind, in this current life, had no template for accepting and living this much happiness.

2. I remembered, in a flash of suffering, many lifetimes where just before things got really good, I was either persecuted, killed or otherwise hurt and robbed of the very things that made me happy.

The mantra I discovered, in the midst of sobbing on the bed, was: “I don’t trust the universe!” This mantra had run, like a a toxic thread, throughout my past lives and this one. I understood that my mind – in order to protect me – would try to strip me of my joys so that I didn’t get hurt again. What a revelation!

When we pause to think about this, it’s insane and logical all at once but we can find many such examples of this in our own lives. This book has been helping me to illuminate them very rapidly.

How to heal your limiting beliefs

Once the idea or belief has been observed, I take it to my chakra practice and ask: “Where is this block located?”

Then my “tuned system” – I’ve been practicing chakra cleansing for years now – tells me: “In Chakra 1 – your sense of belonging wherever you are,” or “Chakra 3: Your sense of safety in your environment.”

I can then blast it with white light, send myself love, pray for assistance, write some positive affirmations on stickies to remind myself of how loved I am by the universe. I then begin to feel lighter, almost instantly.

This is how negative and limiting beliefs move out of our bodies and energy fields: with awareness and commitment.

I invite you now to look at your own limiting beliefs and explore them with this short, well-written book. You will breeze through the many examples he provides from his practice, and then you’ll ask these limiting beliefs to leave, thanking them for their well-intentioned desire to protect you.

It will change your experience, I promise you.

Many blessings on your journey.


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