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Ghost Activism

Ghosts are the most misunderstood people on the planet. Let's stop being scared of them and help them out!

Ghosts are earthbound souls that have, for many different reasons, not been able to journey into the light after death. Some people - yes, ghosts are people! - can't transition into the afterlife after they die because of some of the following reasons: they have unfinished business, feel obliged to stay on earth, or have died quickly or traumatically and don't realise they're dead.

In most cultures of the world we help our loved ones transition into the afterlife, but unfortunately in our western culture, mostly, this doesn't happen. There are no longer shamans, earthkeepers and mediums helping our deceased loved ones transition through the process of death and reach the afterlife; our deceased loved ones are no longer being aided in 'moving over.'

For ghost whisperers like myself, this problem is heart-breaking. Not only are many people not being given the chance and adequate help to easily transition into life after death, they are also being denied every human being's right to love, protection and respect.

Our society's deeply ingrained fear of ghosts and spirits keeps them trapped in isolation and fear, bound to a lonely and miserable existence on earth. Most ghosts are reaching out for help, not to harm - they want to be seen and heard.

Ghosts are lonely, confused and frightened, and your fear and rejection of them furthers their misery. Ghosts were once people, and they deserve love. Let's stop fearing them and help them out!

Are you ready to help your ghostly fellow brothers and sisters of the light? If so, place them on the free weekly White Light healing wish list. This way I can send your resident ghost White Light and aid them into the afterlife!

I'm a ghost activist.
If people understood what ghosts endure, they would change their mind about fearing them.
The plight of a ghost is a tragic one and should evoke feelings of compassion within us instead of fear.

Why I'm a ghost activist

I've always been able to see ghosts, and I can still clearly remember the first time I did.

I was four years old and I saw a girl-child ghost. She was wearing an old-fashioned lace nightdress and had long brown hair and large, kind, hazel eyes.

She told me her name was Julie and that she wanted to play with me. We quickly became best friends. Yes, my first bestie was a ghost.

I always knew that she was different to me. She looked transparent, like a watermark stamp, and she didn't speak using her mouth but through telepathy. She would 'send' images, feelings and thoughts to my mind from hers.

Sometimes I would use my mouth to speak, but more often than not I would also communicate telepathically. She was a wonderful playmate, and we spent hours together every day.

Back then I didn't realize that Julie was an earth-bound spirit that needed help moving into the Light.

Back then I didn't realize that I was a Ghost Whisperer.

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