Clarity & Purpose. Are They Missing From Your Life?

Clarity & Purpose. Are They Missing From Your Life?

Clarity and purpose are the driving forces of life and of anyone who has created success for themselves. Without these two attributes you can’t live a wonderful life. Yet, like me, you may not be interested in the types of “success” most people are chasing after.

I’m not interested in extreme wealth, international fame, and a lavish lifestyle and parties and celebrity friends. I’m not interested in a jet-setting career, a high-profile job, and a house in three countries.

This is, in part, because I used to work with these types of people. I was a spiritual mentor to celebrities and well-known people, and through working with them I quickly learned that underneath all the glamour and fanfare is mostly bad health, bad relationships, betrayals, loneliness, addictions, and deep unhappiness.

But it’s also because I’ve never really been interested in a highly public life and demanding career. For me, this always equated to high levels of stress. And high levels of stress equates to unhappiness.

What I am interested in and have always been interested in, is “flow”—in a quiet, spacious, connected, and soul-aligned life.

Peace is what turns me on … and prosperity and beauty and creativity and individual thought and expression. As well as intimacy, trust, honesty, loyalty, truth, and clarity.

I am interested in loving and fulfilling relationships—even if only with a few people.

I am interested in a soul-aligned life and business—even if this means I don’t earn seven-figures.

I am interested in stimulating and highly creative collaborations—even if this means I don’t pair up with well-known people.

I am interested in excellence and producing only “high quality”—even if this means it takes me twice as long (and I have to fight twice as hard).

I am interested in clear thought and honest motivations—even if this means I only work with people that endeavour to “work on themselves” and have clear energy fields and chakras.

I’ve been around the block long enough to know that without knowing who I am and what I want, I can’t navigate life well. And I’ve learned that having clarity and purpose are key to this.

In my own (humble) way, I’ve created success on my own terms. I, mostly, live a life of beauty, spaciousness, creativity, peace, prosperity, and connection.

I’ve chosen (and continue to chose):

— Productivity without the push

— Creativity without the need for approval

— Abundance without greed or striving

— Pleasure without guilt

— Beauty without backlash

— Connection without attachment

— Space without boredom

— Intimacy without fear of betrayal

I understand that to have clarity I need to be clear in my energy; and I understand that to have purpose I need to know myself. So everyday I work on my energy field and chakras, because the only way to know thyself is to work on thyself.

If you’d like to have clarity and purpose and create success in your own way, my School of the Modern Mystic® course can help you. In my online school, I teach people how to cleanse and clear their energy fields and chakras so that they can know themselves and can create a life and business they love.

We are current accepting enrolments, and this is the last time we’re offering this course.

Take a look at my course.

I’d love to help you create clarity and purpose.

in White Light + Love,

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