Podcast – Why Your Soul Purpose Isn’t to Save the World

Podcast – Why Your Soul Purpose Isn’t to Save the World

There is a growing trend I find worrying.

With the explosion of the online world and the rising popularity of spirituality, another type of celebrity has been birthed: the ‘spiritual celebrity.’

Nowadays becoming rich and famous through the expression of your spiritual talents has become the benchmark of success for many woman. And for many women, if they aren’t hugely financially successful, globally recognised and a spiritual superstar with sell out events all over the world, they feel they aren’t living their life purpose…

Many times a week I’m helping and counselling women about this. Women, that are deeply scared that they aren’t doing enough spiritual work to be successful; women, that they are worried they aren’t vibrationally aligned or that they aren’t spiritual enough, because if they were, wouldn’t their online courses be a smashing success? Wouldn’t the sharing of their message be in great demand? Wouldn’t they easily be making six figures by now?

In today’s audio I address a topic that is long overdue to be addressed – why our soul purpose isn’t to save the world, and why we need to stop comparing ourselves to spiritual celebrities.

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