Audio Interview: Healing Through Chakras, Energy & White Light

Audio Interview: Healing Through Chakras, Energy & White Light

I love this audio interview because it is teeming with White Light!

Connie Chapman, the lovely woman who interviews me, had, days before, undertaken a White Light Healing retreat. So, before the interview started we shared stories about chakra cleansing, the power of the White Light and being healed by White Light angels.

I also love this interview because it’s full of wonderful information.

Learn about the power of White Light healings and how they create dramatic shifts, why creating physical wellbeing has nothing to do with diet, exercise or mindset and how you can begin immediately to raise your vibrations and connect with your soul.

Click play below to listen to Connie Chapman, certified life coach, inspirational speaker, writer and host of Awaken Radio, and I talk about healing through chakras, energy and White Light.



Connie-Chapman-HeadshotIf you loved this interview, head over to Connie Chapman’s website and check out her Awaken Radio Program.

She also writes beautiful blog pieces about transformation, heart & soul and relationships.

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